StellaMart Consumer App

Let Stella introduce you to your local small businesses.

We want to help level the playing field. Stella allows small to medium businesses to offer things like reloadable balances, coupons, and loyalty programs--just like the big guys do—all consolidated into a single app.

What can you do with Stella?

  • Reloadable Balances - Imagine having a stack of gift cards from dozens of businesses. Imagine that you can top up the balances at any time. Now imagine that all of those cards have been digitized and integrated into a single app. That is the essence of the merchant-specific digital currency we call StellaCoin.
  • Loyalty Programs - Participating merchants can design their own loyalty programs to reward their most loyal customers. Earn loyalty points with every visit.
  • Coupons - Coupons can be added to your digital wallet for free. Redeem them at participating merchants to take advantage of the deals they offer.
  • My Wallet - Access all the StellaCoin, coupons, and loyalty programs from your digital wallet in Stella.
  • Contactless Payments - Pay for your purchases using coupons and reloadable balances in lieu of cash. You can also add credit cards to your account, and pay with Stella instead of handing over a credit card.
  • eGifting - You can gift any of the items in your digital wallet to another Stella user. Use QR codes for in-person gifting, or select a phone number from the Contact list on your device.
  • What's Around - Set your current location and use the interactive map to discover what nearby merchants are offering. Switch between Map View and List View for more flexibility. Planning a road trip or vacation? Set a new location, and use the map to search around your destination.

Use Stella, and support your local merchants.

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